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Dr. Hudanich offers the Stryker Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Knee application. The Mako® Total Knee combines Stryker’s advanced robotic technology with its clinically proven GetAroundKnee, Triathlon Total Knee System, which enabled surgeons to have a more predictable surgical experience with increased accuracy during laboratory testing.

What is total robotic knee replacement?

Knee replacement techniques and instrumentation have undergone countless improvements. robotic knee replacements, orthopedic servicesThe Stryker Mako® is one of the most advanced techniques used. Mako® Total Knee is just one more way we are working together to create the future of orthopaedics and make healthcare better.

It helps us to provide you with a personalized surgical experience.

A 3D model of your knee will be used to pre-plan and assist your surgeon in performing your total knee replacement surgery. Please click here to visit Stryker's GetAroundKnee™ System for total robotic knee replacement website page for more information. The robot ensures proper placement and sizing of the implant, as well as overall aligning of the knee with the limb, which leads to quicker recovery, less pain for patients, less joint stiffness, and often shortens the time it takes to recover and return to favorite activities.

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